Firefighter Down the pole puppet party craft

puppet party craftFOR EACH PUPPET YOU WILL NEED:

cardboard paper-towel tube

aluminum foil

red yarn

white construction paper

TOOLS: markers, white glue, scissors


1 – Make one sample puppet ahead o f time so that everyone can see how it is made. Cover the tube with foil. Tuck the excess foil inside the ends o f the tube. This is the fire pole.

2 – Cut a 2-foot (60-cm) length of yarn. String one end through the tube and tie the two ends together.

3 – Fold a piece o f white construction paper in half. Draw a firefighter on one side o f the white paper close t o the fold. Cut out the firefighter without cutting along the fold.

4 – Wrap the fold o f the paper around the yarn on the pole. Glue the two sides of the folded paper together. When the glue dries, you can pull the yarn t o slide the firefighter up and down the pole.

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